Day Care, Overnight Boarding and Walking


Do you have a registration process?

Yes. All new clients are asked to complete a registration form that needs to be forwarded to me before any day care or boarding. It is the client's responsibility to update the information provided in the registration form as and when needed. You can find the form here.


What will I need to provide for my dog when boarding?

Everything that you think your dog will need while you are away. For instance: food, chews, clean bedding, poop bags, etc.


Will you let my dog off the lead when out for walks?

Dogs with good recall should be allowed to walk and run off lead in parks, however, you will need to provide written consent that the dog can be let off lead when submitting the registration form.


Is there a minimum stay for boarding?

No, with the exception that I look after dogs at the weekend only when on a 4+ days boarding.


What is the earliest time in the day that I can drop my dog off and how late can I pick my dog up?

As my fees are per calendar day and not per hour the drop off and pick up time are flexible (within reason) and can be agreed when you make your booking. Normally, for boarding, the very earliest drop off is 8am weekdays and 10am weekends and the latest pick up 7pm. Day care is 8am to 5pm weekdays only.


Do you pick up and drop dogs off?

I can only offer a pick up and drop off service for dogs that live at a manageble walking distance.


How long will your walk last if the dog is not on day care?

This will depend a lot on the dog's needs and on the weather (and on how much fun we're having!). As a general rule a walk will be at least 1 hour and anything up to 2 hours.



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